Patient Testimonials

“On a cold December morning I slipped on a patch of clear ice and broke out my front, top six teeth. One moment I was standing. A split second later I was looking at broken bits of my teeth from ground level on a patio flagstone.

It wasn’t just traumatic. Those were expensive teeth because they were veneers from one of Philadelphia’s top dentists. We had just moved to Reno so I called back to her office and asked for referrals to Reno dentists who were at her skill level to repair the damage to her standards. No kidding, she really is that good.

After some research she gave me Dr. Tripps contact information and his staff quickly fit me into their busy holiday schedule. After an emergency repair so I could go to work, he got to the business of not only equaling but exceeding the truly excellent Philadelphia work.

If you want it done right the first time with state of the art dentistry, I recommend calling Dr. Tripps office immediately. Did I mention he’s an artist? He puts creative thought and great detail into fully natural looking cosmetic subtleties – something very few with great technical ability can do. My whole family makes the trip from Genoa to Reno now.” — Kei